Your Smartphone: The Only Third Wheel You Actually Want

It’s February, which means love is in the air and everyone is looking for something to do with their significant other, or their potential one, even after V-Day. Here are five date night activities that have been made easier thanks to your smartphone.

  1. Seeing A Movie – Remember when you had to break out the news paper, actually call a movie theater, and listen to a recording of showtimes? If you didn’t have a pen and paper handy, you likely missed it, and had to re-listen to the whole thing again. With apps like Fandango, you can view showtimes and order your tickets ahead of time straight to your phone.
  2. Going Out For Dinner – No more awkwardly waiting at the hostess stand, longing to be given a coveted buzzer just to enjoy a meal. If you’re savvy, there are apps, such as OpenTable, that you can use to book a reservation at over 20,000 restaurants based on location, date, time and party size. It only takes a couple minutes. Less waiting, more eating!
  3. Getting Coffee – Places like Starbucks, Saxbys, and Port City Java are great places to have conversations and get cozy. They also usually have free WiFi if the date doesn’t go well (just kidding). Find a nearby coffee shop using the app FindMeCoffee.
  4. Taking a Stroll – Looking for an adventure? Try hiking, biking, or maybe even a walk through the park. It’s cool to see how many steps you take together with apps like Pedometer.
  5. Thinking Outside the Box – Spin the Date Night wheel and it will randomly select a unique date night idea for you and your date. I’ve seen everything from mini golf and laser tag, to stargazing. Say goodbye to boring Friday nights!

What apps help you and your love life? Let us know in the comments below!

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